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Natural4you offers a range of cosmetic and culinary products with the particularity of being 100% natural and organic. Our products have been designed to meet people who want to take care of their body.



The idea of ​​Natural4you was born after a trip to southern Morocco, where I was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and the simplicity of the inhabitants.

I was also saddened and moved by the poverty of women in rural areas, whose life revolves around the production of Argan Oil and its derivatives, the only source of income. This experience left its mark deep in my heart and never left my mind.

For us, this very precious oil that arrives on our plate, feeds our dishes with an extraordinary flavor and transports us to a thousand and one nights is just to be tasted. But behind all this enthusiasm and puck fun, lies the untold story of the reality of Berber women who need support, someone to hear their voices, admire their efforts and push them to dream of a better future.

It was the unilateral commitment of these women that made me feel the need to make my contribution, as well as their wonderful patience that established in me this vision of helping them, and this, through the fairtrade jewelry.



Natural4you is the result of the hard work of these women, in order to give birth to certified organic products, which have not undergone any industrial treatment.

The seeds are harvested crushed and processed by hand. It is a product of nature to the consumer.

By purchasing our range of products, you are taking care of your health and you are also making a human investment, by contributing to a good cause. In every euro spent, there is a share that will contribute to the social fund.

Your contribution will allow his women to take care of themselves, learn to write, have their children looked after so that they can work…, simply offer them a normal life which every individual on earth deserves.

Our products are not limited to a single producer but to all organic farmers who offer quality work to their staff.

About Us

Natural4you offers a range of products cosmetics et culinary having the particularity of being 100% natural and organic. Under the brand Lojayne, our products have been designed to meet people who want to take care of their body.



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